Holiday Season

Thursday is Thanksgiving, so it looks like I’ve made it to the tail-end of yet another year.

Being as I get Friday off for the holiday, I’m taking Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off this week – so nine days off in a row for the cost of three days vacation.

Of course vacation for me is a bit of a misnomer. Vacation is simply a period of time where it might take me an hour or two to get around to fixing whatever the issue is at work.

The benefit is I get to sleep in; today I didn’t get up until 7am which is two whole hours of bonus snoozing. 🙂

Yesterday I discovered that a “Hickory Farms” pop-up store had appeared next to the local used book store, so I packed up a bunch of old RPG books I’ve not touched in years (Ironclaw and some supplements, a set of D&D 5e books, and some Pathfinder stuff) and a few paperbacks that I’d read and didn’t really need anymore – and cashed them in.

The resulting money was then spent at Hickory Farms for some holiday sausage, cheese, and a couple of nut trays.

With the costs of everything going through the roof, I’m glad I bought T-Day dinner a month ago; I ordered a full spread from Honey Baked Ham back in mid October. That same package right now is almost $50 more expensive because of various political and economic factors.

It came frozen and they said it could stay that way for two months, so I think I’m all set for T-Day.

At the current rate of things, my Christmas dinner might be mac&cheese – but it’ll be a holiday and I’ll probably splurge and slice up a hotdog into it.