Home Improvement

A few weeks ago I discovered that some of the local steak places are selling ‘you cook it’ steaks, chicken, pork-chops, etcetera to offset the lack of eat-in business. For me this is a nice alternative to going to the steakhouse, which I can’t do thanks to the zombies. 

There was a problem to this though… The proper cooking of meat requires fire, and the modern electric range one finds in the average townhouse is sorely lacking in the fire department…

Well, last week I remedied this and bought a Weber “Spirit II” 2-burner grill. It’s a really nice unit and rolls in and out of the garage really easy, is easy to clean, and creates the requisite fire for proper meat preparation.

Since then I’ve had steak pretty much every other night… I know, I know — I’m really roughing it during this lockdown thing. 🙂

Well, with my new source of cooking fire it has meant that I’m purchasing a lot more meat and that’s pretty much filled up the freezer side of my kitchen fridge… So Tuesday I have a small chest freezer being delivered.

The freezer is a tiny little 3.5 cubic foot thing that will sit nicely at the end of the kitchen counter. 3.5 cubic feet doesn’t seem like much, but it’ll free up my regular freezer for my lunches and whatnot… That and the zombie scare caused a run on freezers so getting one at all is quite the trick currently.