Horay for our side… (thud)

Whew… I made it back in one piece.

I rolled up in front of the house here at 9am this morning after several days of cross country driving. Whee!

It was a literal caravan with Jalen and Flyn in Flyn’s Dodge Intrepid, Zeze in the high performance PT Cruiser and me in the fairly mundane PT Cruiser. We had several FRS radios in the cars which really helped keep everything together for 1700 miles.

The only two bad spots were the gravel on the roads when we went over the mountains in West Virginia and Kansas City in general. The gravel in West Virginia was pea-sized and the trucks on the highway would fling the stuff like a shogun blast. The other two cars made it ok with only minor paint chips and a few pits in the windshields while my car will be getting a new windshield and possibly a new hood… Yes, it was that bad.

Kansas City was, as it always is, a rat maze of one lane exits without any sort of signage that one has to navigate at about 75 miles per hour to keep from being run over by the locals. We ended up going the wrong way, then I got run off the road by a 30 foot U-Haul and to keep from perishing on the spot had to take an exit off the highway and into the city… We eventually managed to get everyone back together again on I-70 and continue on thanks to the GPSs built into both Zeze’s and my cell phones.

Monday night we stayed with Zeze’s sister in Louisville Kentucky and last night we crashed at a hotel in some berg in western Kansas. I couldn’t sleep so I got rolling again at 3am local this morning and, as of the phone call about a half an hour ago, the rest of the caravan will show up here between 1 and 3pm.

So, Zeze is moved, I have a new PT Cruiser, and Jalen/Flyn are back in Colorado. All is well that ends well…

And now I’m off to take a nap…