Hows the weather?

Virginia is another one of those places where you learn that climate is what you expect and weather is what you get. A case in point was the micro-hurricane that came though last night…

It started off with 60+ mph hour winds and sprinkles of rain blowing up against the north end of the condo here with enough force to make the brand new walls creak and newly planted trees in the parking lot fall over. Then the downpour of biblical proportions began which made it appear as if someone was aiming a fire-hose at the windows and that was followed by a WWII type barrage of lightning and thunder. All of this was either do to, or caused, a 10-15 degree drop in the temperature outside in as many minutes which required switching from AC to heat for the night.

Dan called from the shop during the high speed wind phase, where Zeze and I were opening the north and south doors of the condo and creating miniature tornados in the living room for fun, to tell us that the power was down. So we had to stop with the entertainment and log on to all of the various servers there to shut everything down… I just checked as much as I can from here and it appears that everything is ok… Except that the Sun is still down. The Sun is the Unix-based email/DNS machine which is a holdover from when Zeze's son ran the network there.

This morning it's back to hot and humid so I just switched back from heat to AC.

It cost so much to move into this place and get myself square with Virginia that I didn't have anything left over for living room furniture. But you can tell two nerds live here by the dual $3000 G4 powerbooks laying about.

No furniture to speak of, but we have the best laptop computers on Earth… Need to have priorities you know. 😉

Both desks point at our amazing home theater setup; a 13 inch monitor hooked to the cable box and running discarded computer speakers. It's suitable for Discovery Channel stuff, which is about all I'll stop to watch as each of the laptops play a movie much better and with far better sound than the little TV we have.

Upstairs are the three bedrooms and yes, we do have beds. Zeze has the big room at the front of the house and I have the two smaller ones at the back. This is due to my dislike of heat and the master bedroom being blasted by the sun all day (the south end of the house). This also lets me have a sleep-chamber and a separate room for my artistic pursuits (once I get *another* drafting table and my art stuff from Colorado).

So there you have it; my current digs. I figure I'll only be living here till the lease is up then high tailing it back to Colorado. There's just nothing tying me to this place and I miss my “family” out there.