I doubt, therefore I might be.

Still down here at Wolf and Lyon’s place, which is nice.

We had a great Yule dinner last night, which was proceeded by a nice mini-ritual in celebration of all that was last year and all that will be this year.

Dinner was roasted Cornish hens with stuffing and gravy, a mushroom medley (Mmmm!), a green bean casserole sort of thing, sourdough and sharp cheddar on the side, and a desert dish that was really good and had apples in it, but I’m not sure what it was.

For Yule I got a new fantasy novel, which is a perfect gift for me, and a bag of pretty tasty jellybeans. 🙂

Yesterday I took Wolf to work so that I’d have the “witch wagon” (her van) with which to run a few errands for her. Taking Wolf to work is really cool because she works down in Boulder at NIST/NOAA and there are about a million really cool things going on down there at any time. The problem yesterday was getting into the campus in the first place as we’re at a high level of “threat awareness” and they’re pretty picky down there with who gets to meander around the campus at that level.

Yes, my watch was correct to the second according to the master clock down there.

The remainder of yesterday was spent driving around, running errands and taking Otter to a local game store, which was, as one would expect of a 14-year-old, an adventure in and of itself. 😉

Today I’m helping out around the house by taking care of the kitchen, and then I’ll do some writing if Otter, and her friend who is here for the day, can keep from knocking the house down around me. 😉

Ok, the dishwasher is done so I have to get back to it…