I has internet…

Yesterday the WisperTel guys were out and installed a brand new 5.8 Ghz microwave transceiver under the south east eve of the house, which is pointed at the top of Conifer Mountain. This snazzy piece of hardware gives me 5Mb of bidirectional low-latency bandwidth to the intertubes.

So I can post from home now without using my iPhone.

Yesterday I didn't get home till late… Had to see a lady about a horse…

I spotted a Belgian filly on craig's list who was in a bad way and the current owner needed her moved to a better home asap, so I mentioned this to Kalira (the resident horse expert) and we both went and looked at the filly.

The filly was a rescue, of sorts, and the lady I talked to picked her up as a 'project' from another lady who had the filly just rotting in a field (her mane was so tangled they had to shave it off and let it grow back in), then a couple of months in realized that this project was too much for her (this is going to be a big horse). Judging by her teeth she's around 2 years old or less, still growing into her Belgian bay colors, and already stands about 16 to 16.5 hands.

She's been kept on sand, so her feet need some attention, she's very green but very, very curious and willing to learn… When Kalira and I got there she would rotate away if we even touched her butt, but about 20 minutes later we had her picking up her back feet for us.

She's sound – I had Kalira walk and trot her for me and she's a bit toe'd in, but it appears to be because of her feet needing trimming, mostly because when I brought her foot up her hoof fell in line with her leg on both sides. I listened to her heart, breathing, gut, shoulder symmetry, vision, hearing, and checked out a recent poo and she's very healthy – she just needs attention and work.

She's also a bit cow hocked (in in front and out in back) so she'll be a nice mover.

Anyways, Kalira liked her enough that she bought the filly; $950 – and the filly will be showing up here on Sunday.

So, the ranch will be more than just a moniker in a few days, which is nice.

Kalira, having now seen that I really do know a thing or three about horses is now telling me I need to get one too. And I'm telling her I don't have enough time for one – to which she responds that she'll care for it and I can just ride it… I'm still thinking about it.