I have to post. Buddha insists on a warm computer.

Today’s word is SNOW!

Yep, it’s coming down in buckets outside. Since a little after 7 this morning, when it started, I’ve got about half a foot on the front deck.

Now, as always, there was a bit of humor injected into my day already. I left the house at about 9:30 in the USS Lincoln to get to the shop by 10am. First I couldn’t get the car out of the driveway, then I inched my way out to highway 6 where I got stuck for two lights as the road was so slick and I could do nothing but spin the tires. Well, once I got going, I made it to the shop with minimal fishtailing and car dodging to discover a neat “feature” of our new location; one has to go down an incline off of highway 6 to get to the parking lot. Basically customers check in, but they don’t check out.

Once I arrived at the shop Jack came in and we collectively agreed that there wasn’t any real reason to be open today. So I climbed back into the USS Lincoln (which in the span of ten minutes was covered in about 3 inches of snow) and attempted to get out of the parking lot… about a dozen times.

During these attempts I was nearly hit three times by folks going way too fast for the corner and ending up in the ditch next to the entrance. After which they would slowly slide down into the parking lot with everyone else.

Something of note: Usually when it even –thinks- about snowing up here the plows are out in force and they just drive around looking for errant flakes. Today on the other hand this storm came in so fast and dumped so much that they are just now getting out there to make it safer… Seriously, at 7am it was sunny and blue sky out there.

Anyways, Jack drove his little jeep and was able to get us out of the parking lot. He dropped me off here and we’ll go get the Lincoln when things clear up a bit, like Wednesday.

Normally I would have taken the Wagoneer as it’s built for this sort of weather, but the battery in it is dead. I guess I need to get over to Napa and get a battery Wednesday.

A couple more pics for posterity: