If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

Another week has flown by and here I sit watching the sun come up, enjoying a nice cup of Mr. Grey, and mentally reviewing the last week.

It actually got quite cold last night, which prompted me to crank up the fireplace and see what it can really do… It heats the house quite nicely actually. It has coils in there that connect to the hot water heating for the house, so when the fireplace is running, so is the baseboard heating. It works rather well. I guess I should go out and get more firewood this payday as it’s the main heater here and it would suck to run out.

We do have a boiler here too, but it’s about the size of a computer case and is only good for keeping the place above freezing.

Let’s see… Jae is still fighting to get a Colorado driver’s license: The levels of redundancy involved with doing the simplest of things since “Homeland Security” is astounding, really.

Jae tried to get some college classes in CompSci, but was told that he needed to prove he lives here in Littleton to get the price breaks needed to make it affordable. So off he went to get a Colorado drivers license to replace his Washington State one. He was told there that he needed two forms of ID as they can no longer accept :just: a drivers license. So after much running around to family locations he secured his birth certificate, and was the told that it wasn’t official according to the new laws, and that he needed to get a new one…

And that’s where Jae sits right now as the semester started and he’ll have to wait till next year to get into class.