I'm back…

Well, I almost deleted this here thing due to the promise I made myself when I started it:

“If the journal ever becomes a soap-opera or causes *any* drama – it's gone.”

Well, it did.

But, I've invested quite a few years in this thing, and several people I know have journals I can't read if I'm not a 'friend', so I have to keep it up I suppose.

Now, it's been mentioned that anything that I want to post here, that might bend someone out of shape, can always be hidden behind the wall of a 'private' posting… To this I answer: (A) why should I have to censor myself for the feelings of people who could just as easily *not* read my journal, and (B) if I have something to say that I don't want the world to see, I'm sure as hell not posting it on the Internet.

So, rest assured there will continue to be exactly one (1) post on this journal that you cannot see, and I believe there are two (2) that are limited to friends only.

In addition, this is *not* a public forum – it's my journal, and if I have something to say that I feel like saying here, and it pisses you off, tough. I have the right to speak my mind and you have the right to not listen… Free will and all that jazz.

So, with that out of the way, let us continue onward…