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I'm Batman…

Well, as you can probably tell by the lack of posting, I’m caught up in work again. I’ve got two projects running at the same time right now, and another two in the wings that could happen any day.

For one of the two running projects I’ll have a representative from the customer looking over my shoulder for the next three days. Have I mentioned how much I despise being watched while I work?

With me it’s pretty easy: If it requires interaction – be this in person, through email, or over a phone – with someone outside my core group of “known good” people I’m not going to be happy about it.

But, enough about work…

Jae and I saw the latest installment of “Batman” over the weekend…

Two words: Much Better.

Being a consumer of fine independent comics I’m not a huge fan of the DC or Marvel assembly-line rehash, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Batman… He’s just a normal Joe trying to save his town from a slew of chemically induced, radioactive, alien, time traveling super beings.

No super powers. No mutations. No excuses – Just a guy with a brain and lots of cool toys.

Kinda like America’s version of James Bond I suppose.

Anyways, it was a much better attempt at getting to the core of “Batman”. It was a much more base and humanistic telling of the story with a full half of the movie dedicated to Batman’s origin. We even get to see ‘lieutenant’ Gordon, long before he’s made ‘commissioner’ and the interplay between he and Batman that leads to their partnership in the latter years.

And the new Batmobile rocks! This isn’t some wimpy Val Kilmer Batmobile… This is the illegitimate love child of a Lamborghini and an Abrams tank…

Anyways, it’s time for me to trundle off to work. Have a great day out there folks.