In accordance with the prophecy…

More snow today which is good not only because I like snow, but they are saying that due to Denver’s summer thirst, we pretty much need it to snow every day till the middle of June to break even.

Well, I got the call last night from the school and everything is a “go”. Some time here shortly I’ll be back in Virginia (shudder) and teaching people everything they need to know to stand in an unemployment line because all of the tech jobs are on the eastern rim.

Actually, it’s not that bad I guess. Right now the tech sector is re-igniting there in the VA/DC/MD area. Maybe a few corporate overlords are becoming disenchanted with the lack of either creative or QA ability in the eastern rim software sweat shops, I don’t know.

It is a fact though that the average $20 a day eastern rim programmer can only perform whatever programming function he/she trained for. They aren’t a very “out of the box” group of people; things like communist dictators or a rigid caste system will do that to you. The exception to this rule is if they actually manage to get out of the box and move here to the US.

Basically, if one were to equate programming with animation, the eastern rim software sector is much like a large group of cheap tweeners… They can churn out lots of base code, but there is no design element there. There is also little to no QA in the system either and a lot of the code bought from there needs a lot of refining once it gets back here…

I don’t know. I guess it’ll all boil down to costs – like everything else.

Well, outside the real world I managed to make 9th level in both crafting and adventuring with my little dragon last night between phone calls, emails, Second Life stuff, and all of the other projects I have going on here. One more level and I’ll get out of the “hatchling” phase and start to get some real undead stomping power. 🙂

Well, I have to run and get breakfast and get to work.

Take care out there in ‘net land…