Internet Suck Providers

I'm still fighting with CenturyLink over them taking six months to not get service connected at work, and then billing me for two months of that service which, as mentioned, doesn't exist.

I keep having to email the regional supervisor because no one else at CenturyLink will respond to emails or phone calls. And while my last email to him was answered with a “I'll look into it for you” on Monday, I've not heard anything since.

Which is completely par for the course.

What's really humorous is that the exact same thing happened to the realtor on the second floor when they tried to get CenturyLink service a couple of years ago…

A communications company with zero communications skill.

Anyway, a month ago Comcast Business showed up at the door asking if they could put an amplifier in the utility closet on the first floor so they can get service over to the couple hundred new apartments to the east of the building… I said sure, and then given CenturyLink's general ineptitude asked Comcast what they could do for service.

Comcast's initial bid was exactly the same as Level-3's cost, ~$3000 a month, which is what I've been paying for like 15 years now. I mentioned this, and they came back with a price that was about $1200 a month cheaper.


But I also know Comcast, so I eventually got the salesman to cough up the complete cost per month — hidden fees and charges included — and it was still a decent enough savings… So I signed on the dotted line on the 12th of December.

And, as salesmen do, as soon as I signed he vanished; I didn't hear anything until Monday, which was an email stating Comcast wants a deposit of $4300 for “reasons”.

I emailed back asking “why?” My company has been in business for 20 years, our credit is stellar, and as mentioned I've been paying ~$3000 a month to Data-393/TimeWarner/Level-3 for over 15 years now. I can't see any reason to eat into any savings over Level-3 with some arbitrary 'just-because' deposit.

Well, he finally responded about an hour ago with the same request; no reasons, no explanation. Just a number and a question about how soon I can cut the check.

I need to figure out how hardball I want to play this… I have Level-3 service, which is truly stellar (though this is slowly changing now that CenturyLink owns them), and don't really need to change providers.

But I also don't want to waste any more time on this project…

Decisions, decisions…