Istaria, Part 2

Right after I posted that last bit, the world once again conspired against me and I was quickly wrapped up in a million little things that all required far too much of my time… Kaeliss once again went back to his Dreaming and this time it was for almost a year.

But last week Virtrium, the current developer of Istaria, released a huge update for the game so I made a little time to go and check things out…

There is enough new in the game now that I felt it would be best if Kaeliss (the Dragon from the last post) sort of handed things off to a new Dragon – and “Keirket Arua” (Bladewind in the language of the Dragons) was born.

So, what follows is the first part of the re-introduction for Kaeliss which will lead to the hand-off to Keirket… It also captures the feeling Kaeliss experienced when he awoke…

See, in Istaria you get to own land and build a home – or, as a Dragon, tunnel deep into the ground and build your lair – as you see fit. And as a guild you can build entire towns… “Tirzah” was one of the three towns my guild owned and operated which was also where two of us Dragons had built our lairs – deep into the hillside behind the town.

Upon awakening this time the town had fallen into ruin; most of the homes and buildings were gone, most of the members had also been missing for months or more, and the guild leader had apparently moved on as well… So Kaeliss staggered out into a fairly cold, lonely world this time – and that is reflected in the following.


It begins with a slight crackling, sizzling sound and a few flashes that appear to be little more than summer lightning racing across the sky.

Thick grey clouds hang low over a small, sparse town set high on a mountainous plateau. The slight stirring of the air does little more than rattle a shutter on a building in the distance – otherwise silence rules here; as thick and oppressive as the storm clouds above.

Another flash; brighter this time and the electrical popping and hissing becomes more intense as high above the clouds begin to slowly swirl.

Near the town lies disused teleport pad – a large, low stone and metal dais that once, long ago, brought travelers to this place… All the pad supports now are large weeds, a stubby sapling, and a fine layer of windblown dirt.

Beyond the town, in the cliff face that rises up to the mountainous peaks beyond, are two immense caves that create a low, mournful sound from their pitch black depths when the wind blows just right…

The sky above begins to take on a bluish hue as the swirling clouds and electrical outbursts gain in momentum and power – huge arcs of searing purple and blue light fork from the storm, lancing into the ground creating deafening peals of thunder.

Where the lighting strikes the ground glows for a moment then leaves behind odd broken rings of electrical red and yellow with faintly glowing, what could almost be runes, which pulse with the storm above.

Suddenly the swirling clouds above come to a halt and a deafening silence fills the air as the center of the storm glows brightly. Then, without warning, an immense bolt of lightning courses down from the center of the storm and explodes upon the ground, sending molten shrapnel in all directions and creating a concussive sound that ripples outward and shakes the very foundations of the mountain.

With this one incredible outburst the storm above quickly abates, leaving little more than the low grey clouds and the occasional slight spark and flash as any indication of what just occurred.

As the smoke and dust begins to clear and the odd electrical rings dissipate, a large form is seen to be lying in the crater the storm blasted into the landscape – and it appears to be breathing.

It is immense, fully the size of a house, and winged – judging by the one leathery wing lying just as haphazardly as the rest of the beast. It is heavily injured; deep claw marks and rivulets of blood mar the startlingly white armored hide and great gashes are torn out of the one visible wing… But judging by the gore on its silvery claws and across its muzzle, it gave as well as it took…

It slowly raises its head and the surprisingly blue eyes struggle to focus… “Tirzah? … Then I’ve made it…” And the beast collapses, exhausted.