It is a quarter to two in the morning…

And I'm still awake.

I didn't go in in to work yesterday, and I'm not going in today either.

The medication I'm on is making me all sorts of sick: I try to sleep for a few hours after I take it in order to skip the worst of the nausea, which has completely fucked my sleep cycle…┬áIn this instance, the getting better is far worse than the sick.

I can handle pain. Simple pain is easy to deal with – I just ignore it. But this constant nausea, sick stomach, woozy thing is something I can't seem to work through and it's kicking my ass.

In other news it snowed here last night and on and off today – was nice. This morning, before I took my meds and got sick for the day, I took the WarWagon over to the local fleecing station and dropped $20 into it – which got me from slightly over a quarter tank to slightly under half a tank. I then had a little fun in the mud/snow on the way back up the driveway by powersliding around all the corners… Putting a 7000 pound mechanical monster like the WarWagon into a controlled full throttle slide around a corner (complete with 20 foot roostertails of snirt) will either cause you to shit yourself or give you a grin from ear to ear… I'm in the latter catagory.