It’s a mad mad mad mad world…

Given the sliding scale of crazy out there as the year winds to a close, this week I ordered another 60 rounds of 45-70 and two 7-day ration kits that should be here early next week. This is in addition to my 30-ish days of dry stores — and I now have four 24-pack cases of bottled water set aside as well.

This weekend I’ll be airing out my camping gear and getting all of that organized too. I’ve also gotten most of my friends licensed on GMRS in the last 30 days, and they all have fairly nice HTs or trunk-mounts now, and Scott has a full 50watt repeater in his Jeep.

Now, I’m not a “prepper” by any stretch of the imagination — I’m just being cautious and having a plan in case I need to high-tail it south and circle the wagons for a while. I can live pretty happily in the Murano for a couple of weeks in any weather. And my property is fairly remote, so it should be outside the zone of stupid should stupid happen.

It’s always the situation you aren’t expecting that gets you. And while I don’t expect anything ‘life and limb’ to happen, I also didn’t expect all of the crazy rioting, arson, shootings, and unrest this year either. So — better safe than sorry I guess.

And hey, if nothing happens everything I’ve purchased will come in handy on the next camping trip. 🙂