It's the end of the year as we know it and I feel fine.

It’s been a fairly productive night so far. I went and removed the foot or so of snow off the hood of the wagoneer, broke all the ice free from the hood, pulled the battery, and brought it into the garage to put it on the charger for the night… Too bad it looks like someone ran over the charger while I was away. (bleh)

(Just got the “if you don’t eat I’m gonna crawl up your spine and strangle your brain” message from my tummy so… Pause for dinner)

(Un-pause from dinner)

I went over to “Fiestas” in Edwards for dinner and had the most excellent chicken enchiladas with their signature white jalapeno sauce; a very good way to warm up on a cold night.

I plugged in the battery charger when I got home and nothing sparked, smoked, or otherwise led me to believe that the unit was dead so I hooked it up to the battery and will check on it throughout the evening… I figure the battery will have a nice charge some time next year.

I think over the next few days here I will box up a lot of the excess junk in my office/bedroom and put it down in the garage. Then I’ll re-arrange things a bit by moving the bed over into a corner rather than the middle of the room, moving my two wardrobes to the west wall, then going and getting myself a much bigger desk.

This will give me some much needed desk space, let me put my speakers on either side of the computer desk rather than off to my right, and let me put my nightstand near the sliding glass door to the deck where I can put the web cam computer and the camera to get a good view of the mountains across the street.

Oh, and I’m gonna take down the goofy 70’s art in here!

I got all this “ok’d” by the resident interior designer, Vivian, who has this –thing- for 70’s era décor which I personally can’t stand. But hey, it’s her thing, and in this day and age people with any sort of “desire” are few and far between so I just go with the flow.

Either that or I’ll just box up the junk and leave well enough alone… We’ll see how I feel about it Monday.

Well, that’s it for this post. A bit over 3 hours to go till the new Gregorian year and as I’m attempting to stay up for it, I’ll probably post again tonight.