Jesus loves you, everyone else thinks you're an ass…

Today was slow; real slow. Well, ok, there was about an hour of sheer terror as this lady who drops in every now and then dropped in again and wanted to talk to me… For an hour.

Jack says he thinks she’s waiting for me to ask her to dinner or something. I suppose that could be the case, but you pretty much have to hit me with something that says, “I’m interested in you!” Trust me, this has been done before.

Anyways she talked –at- me for over an hour which, in that time, I said exactly five words and nodded several times. When she left to get her computer so she could have me take a look at it, I told Jack that I was going out back to fake my death and I’d see him later… He just laughed.

Geoff was bored silly so I showed him this newfangled internet thing including IRC… He spent the next six hours scaring the crap out of himself by way of talking with all the other conspiracy nuts out there. I think it was beneficial for him, or at least it will be when he runs out of ammo…

The talking lady came back about an hour later and continued right where she left off earlier as I installed a new CDRW into her computer. The install took all of about 4 minutes but getting rid of her took another hour. When she left again I told Jack I needed a better place to hide… He just laughed again.

I guess the day wasn’t a complete waste of time though. I did get to talk to the Secret Service fellow who drops by on occasion to discuss his home made UAV. He’s a pretty cool guy even if he can kill 4 people simultaneously with his shoe… He’s part of the Ford Protectorate. Apparently once you score high enough to be El Presidente, you get a permanent detachment of SS guys for the rest of your life.

He says it’s a lot of fun as he spends the summers at the Beaver Creek Ford Compound and spends the winters in southern California or something at the other Ford Compound.

Other than that, it was a day. I’m off to fire up the fireplace, cook some dinner, and read the rest of this really bad Dragon Lance novel; “Night of Blood”.