Jury duty, part three…

So I was told to check the web site Wednesday evening after 6pm to see if I was still involved in this, or if I was excused and able to continue on with my life.

Wednesday evening at 6pm I checked, and the indicated area of the state web site was still missing every juror number above 5000 (I am in the high 6000's).

This morning they have posted up most numbers into the low 6000's, so I am still unsure if I am involved or not.

I think they dramatically underestimated the amount of effort it would be to involve 9000 people in the already ponderous legal process. 🙂

The flu I picked up at the courthouse knocked me flat for the bottom half of Tuesday and all day Wednesday – and I'm still ill with the damnable thing but I cannot be away from work any longer. So I have barricaded myself in my office to avoid spreading the plague and am trying to get caught up.