Kickstarter Stuff!

A couple of years ago I bought into a Kickstarter for a couple of things.

I found out about this particular Kickstarter project from the art lead, who dropped me a PM on Deviant Art asking about a couple of the artists who did some of my unicorn commissions…

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago the items I helped bring into the world finally arrived!

Let’s take a look!

Ooooh! Pretty box! I wonder what is inside?

The guide book for the “The Last Unicorn Tarot”

Yes, it is the “The Last Unicorn” tarot card set!

While I’m not a big tarot card user, I do know they are really big (70mm x 120mm) and there’s a lot of them — so there’s a lot of potentially neat art involved. Which meant I simply had to help make it a reality.

So, here’s a small sample of the cards:

Unicorns everywhere!

An angled shot to show off the gold foiling.

These are really gorgeous and the pictures simply don’t do them justice. But that’s not all I got!

A full set of the cloisonné pins of all of the major characters in The Last Unicorn

And a bunch of really cool stickers!

The best part about this kickstarter though was that a portion of the proceeds went directly to Peter S. Beagle, the author of “The Last Unicorn” and possibly the sweetest person on the planet. I’ve met him in person several times, and he’s just the kindest, funniest, and most story-filled person I’ve ever encountered.

And that brings me to the coolest part of the post today:

The autograph of the master storyteller himself

If you would like a set of these cards, pins, or stickers for yourself, you can now get them at Geekify.

Be sure to tell them a unicorn sent you. 😉