Labor Day

It’s Labor Day already; the last hurrah of summer and the turn of the season to Autumn.

I’ve had a few days off – just enough to get to sleep in a couple of days… It takes about three days off work for me to unwind enough to not automatically get up at 5am, so I took Thursday and Friday off to make it a 5-day weekend.

Saturday I pulled the grill out from under the cover and got it all cleaned up for steaks on Sunday. The grill hasn’t been used since I moved, so it needed about a half an hour of intensive care to be acceptable for cooking by my standards.

The steaks were great, and I grilled a brat today for lunch… I got some authentic German bratwurst, sauerkraut, course ground mustard, and some hoagie rolls on Friday to make some comfort food. It was a really nice lunch.

Otherwise I’m still plodding along and trying to have some sort of work / life balance.

I’ve been playing “Fallout 76” here and there again – Bethesda fixed a lot of the broken bits finally, and added a lot of really fun stuff to the game. I’ve also been spending time in Second Life doing sim designs and whatnot for people.

Here’s the fall colors for “Unexus”, a sim I rent to an old online friend of mine from the 90’s…

And here’s my island. I think I’ve finally got it to a place I’m happy with…

Oh, and I spun up a sim for someone I know who hasn’t been in SL for years – so there’s someone else to talk to now. 🙂

And that’s about it for this update… Not a lot of news, but given the way things are out there these days; no news is truly good news.