Less Vespa

Today I sold the Vespa that I purchased back in March.

It was a fun little experiment; I more or less purchased the thing to see if being on two wheels was just as fun as it was decades ago — even if traffic is ten times more plentiful and dangerous.

It is.

I put less than a hundred miles on the Vespa in six months, which isn’t much but with zombies and all there wasn’t much opportunity to really do much with it.

I ultimately sold it for more room in the garage; between the Jeep, Murano, tools, grill, and general storage there just isn’t room for a motorcycle. Well, there is — technically — but having to do car-tetris each morning to get to work got old real quick.

Here’s a picture for posterity.

Scott’s Jeep usually fills this spot from toolbox to garage door.

I’ll probably get another bike once I get moved down south — someday. I can see it being a fantastic addition down there where it’s 30 minutes to town on mostly deserted roads. 🙂