Lunch, delivered – attempt 2

I don’t get fast food delivered all too often, and when I do it’s typically pizza or Chinese – which have their own in-house delivery teams… So I’m still something of a noob when it comes to gig-economy fast-food delivery services.

In fact, my last attempt at getting fast food delivered was “Burger King” via “Grubhub”, back in October of last year, and it didn’t work out very well.

I do get my groceries delivered pretty often via “Instacart”, and I guess the mechanism is about the same; the robot tells them where to go, what to buy, and where to deliver it – and they get some cash for the effort. But groceries are kind of the opposite in that the worry is that the cold stuff is still cold when it’s delivered, which is probably easier.

Anyway, today I’m working from my home-office and had a pretty small window between meetings that precluded going out – and I didn’t feel like cooking – so I tried it again, though through a different service this time.

This time it was “Popeye’s” via “Doordash” – and it was a much better experience. Order to delivery was about 15 minutes, it was trackable via the website, and the food was still hot when it got here.

Score one for Doordash I suppose.

I see that Doordash will pick up and deliver from pretty much anyplace, so I might give them a shot at delivering dinner from a more upscale restaurant one of these nights.

One of the things I didn’t understand about the gig-economy (and probably still don’t) is how it works out for the drivers… Vehicle maintenance is expensive, and while I try to leave a good tip, I just can’t see everything working out income vs expense.

Then my driver pulled up to hand me my lunch, and I think I got it. He was driving a disposable Honda that had more in rims than car, had his girlfriend in the passenger seat, and was clearly ‘rocking out’ while making the delivery – and it flashed me back to my high-school years…

Back then, if someone was willing to give me a few bucks to just drive around I would have been all over it. I mean, every Friday and Saturday night I probably put fifty miles on my car just cruising west Colfax – for nothing.

So, sure, “Doordashing” in my $60,000 luxury SUV instead of making fifty bucks an hour at work wouldn’t make any sense, but for a high-school kid in a $600 beater it’s probably a dream job.