MacBook 7,1

Being as I traded in my 2019 16″ MacBook Pro on the new 2020 27″ iMac, meaning it needed to go back to Apple, I’m running on an old 13″ MacBook for work this week.

Apple MacBook “Core 2 Duo” 2.4 13″ (Mid-2010) running 10.13.6

Like the rest of my Mac Stuff, this 2010 white polycarbonate MacBook is both a fully working system and is in excellent condition. It’s been upgraded to 8Gigs of ram (the max it will use), and has a new 120G SSD and battery in it — both from Newer Tech.

With the zombies and all I have a lot of videoconferences to attend of a day, and the MacBook Pro used to be my go-to for daily operations here at work. I’m happy to say the decade-old MacBook, while a bit more sedate, works just as well.

A half dozen VPNs for remote operations on servers, running both wired and wireless networks, monitoring email, video chats, working on documentation, running iTunes, cruising the web… I’ve not found anything it won’t do.

So, even though I only need this machine for a few days before the new laptop gets here, it’s performing admirably.

Oh, that’s right! I ordered one of the new M1 laptops on Tuesday. I got the notice from Apple that it’s leaving Shanghai today and will be delivered Monday.

When it gets here and I get it set up, I’ll be sure to comment on the performance of the new “Apple Silicon” — as well as post a photo of a 68000-based Apple laptop, a PPC-based Apple laptop, an x86-based Apple laptop, and an M1-based Apple laptop all running at the same time… 30 years of architecture changes, and I have mint examples for all of it.

It’s a hobby.