MacBookPro 15,1 – New laptop!

In my ongoing downsizing efforts I picked up the new laptop I've been spent the better part of a year saving up for; a 2019 model of the 15″ Macbook Pro!

I'm mostly agnostic when it comes to the PC / Mac wars, and have used pretty much everything as a daily driver since my OSI-C1P back in the early 80's (For example, my old SGI Indy is sitting on a shelf right over there…) — so going from a Win10 gaming rig to an OSX laptop isn't that big of a deal for me.

Yeah — Apple hardware can be somewhat spendy, but that tends to balance out over time as the hardware is so good. I mean, sure, I could have purchased any number of high-end Windows-based laptops for what this cost, but after test driving several… They just weren't as good.

I'm also a bit old-fashioned and Unix-based operating systems are more my style; so the fact that OSX is basically BSD with a candy-coated interface is a selling point for me.

Anyway, this particular laptop is the 15-inch with an 8-core i9 CPU,16 gigs of ram, 1TB of M.2 storage, and the Vega 20 video card. And somehow that all fits in a box about the thickness of about 20 sheets of paper…

It's chewed up absolutely everything I've thrown at it so far without a problem.

I'm still getting 'moved in' — which entails remembering lots of complex passwords, dozens of text messages from web sites to authorize the new cookie for security, and finding equivalent software. But so far so good!

Even the 1.2TB Intel 750-series PCIe SSD from my win10 system, shifted into an external thunderbolt 3 case for use with the laptop, 'just worked'.

So, that's the update — and my first post from the new laptop! 😀