MacBookPro 16,1 – More Laptop Shenanigans

I have this perpetual unwritten deal with Apple… Since the earliest days, every time I've purchased an Apple gizmo someone at Apple takes note of this and within a few weeks they inevitably announce some new paradigm of product that renders what I just bought obsolete.

Every. Single. Time… And this has gone on for decades now, so I know this will happen and even somewhat plan for it.

This time around it was the MacBook Pro that I purchased about three months ago. It's a really nice laptop, and all of the diligent research I did on it pointed to it being the latest refresh of the design, with the latest hardware and newest bells and whistles — and it would be the pinnacle for at least a couple of years.

Ha! Tech reviewers apparently don't know of my deal with Apple.

So I purchased the 15.6″ MacBook Pro and started the timer… Three weeks to the day Apple announced they would be bringing out a 16″ MacBook Pro that would be twice the laptop of the one that I had just purchased.

Damn it Apple…

Anyway, knowing this would happen I'd made arrangements with a friend of mine who has been using a hand-me-down Mac Pro I sold him like a decade ago. If Apple released a new-hotness laptop, I would sell him the one I just got to replace his antique for $500 less than I paid for it.

And, long story short, I picked up my new custom-made 16″ Macbook Pro last evening and handed over the old one to said friend.

The new laptop is a 2.4 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 with 32 GB of 2667 MHz DDR4 ram, 2TB of SSD storage, and an 8Gig AMD Radeon Pro 5500M GPU in it. 

The biggest difference between the new laptop and the old though is Apple finally conceding that power users don't care about how “thin and light” the machine is; they bought it for work, and that work will push the device to its limits routinely — so stop frittering about with tiny little heatsinks and fancy half-millimeter travel keyboards, and just make it beefy enough to run balls-out 24/7. 😀