Marshal the Wonder Cat is gone…

I picked up Marshal on March 10th, 2007 from the PetsMart in north Aurora. They said he was 3 years old then.

Today Erin, who has looked after him since 2013, had to put him down — kidney failure finally claimed him at around 15 years old.

Marshal in 2019, when I watched him for a week while Erin was out of town.

He was a really great cat, and I loved him to bits — which is why Erin eventually ended up with him… He was the most ‘dog-like’ cat I’ve ever met, and likewise he was really, really people-centric.

I tend to be super busy all the time, and with travel and whatnot I couldn’t give him the attention he really wanted. So in 2013, after leaving him with Scott and Erin while I was away from home for two weeks, it was decided he would stay with them. Erin tended to be around the house enough to sate Marshal’s need for company, and she was pretty fond of him as well.

See, Erin was a roommate of mine from 2008 to 2012, so she was very familiar with Marshal’s wants, needs, and desires. It really worked out for the best, for everyone involved.

I’m sad the little guy is gone… He was really a fantastic cat, I missed him a bunch…