McDonalds vs. England…

Been a very busy few weeks for me, but here's a little bit of news I read that simply had me laughing all the way to work:

LONDON (Reuters) – Too busy to get to your shift at McDonald's restaurant? Don't worry — send someone else in your family to go along for you.

The world's largest restaurant chain said Thursday it had begun trialing a new scheme in Britain whereby two people from the same family who worked at the same branch could cover each other's shifts without giving any prior notice.

“By giving our employees the freedom to manage their shift commitments, we will increase their motivation and enjoyment of work,” said David Fairhurst, the chain's vice president.

McDonald's said the first users of the new “Family Contract,” which it believes to be unique in Britain, were two sets of twins.

McDonald's said it would look to extend the scheme if it proved to be popular and successful.

“It may be just the beginning,” Fairhurst said in a statement. “In the future we may even look to extend it beyond the family to include friends and extended family members such as cousins.”

Sorry, this isn’t new, it’s called “feudalism” and William the First used it in England after the Battle of Hastings, which happened around 1066 ACE.

Of course McDonalds, named after a Scottish Clan, may simply be getting their just revenge on the English after so many years.