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In looking for something to watch after work last night, I caught myself exhibiting a new pattern of behavior when it comes to my media consumption.

I was watching “Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, and was consciously looking for the ‘woke moment’ with actual trepidation…

Disney, of course, did not let me down.

I think Hollywierd has been beating me over the head with agenda du jour for so long that I’m now actively wary of the clenched fist of social justice… I just know it will sneak in and punch the story in the face, so I wind up spending the hour or two psychologically wincing in anticipation.

I’m essentially experiencing a conditioned response to activist media that causes me to be on alert and unable to relax and just enjoy the show…

For clarification, by ‘woke moment’ I mean that scene or scenes in nearly every movie and TV show made after probably 2016 that does absolutely nothing for the story and was filmed specifically for the virtue signal points.

Many of these woke moments can be identified by the fact if you edited the entire scene out of the presentation, nothing would change story-wise. And in some particularly egregious cases, such as “The Last Jedi”, would actually improve the story…

If we take last night’s “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” example; the woke moment arrived in a scene where Falcon has an altercation with the police that comes straight from a social activist’s delusional fantasy. Not only was this entire scene totally superfluous to the story, it was even shot differently which made it hugely obvious it was simply tacked on for the virtue signal points.

Now, I don’t typically mind ‘forced morality’ in a show if it’s done well. Like, if the story is about the social issue, then it typically works out okay. But injecting an agenda into the story breaks the flow and ruins it.

I should really just go back to reading books until this 2020-thing blows over…

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