Memorial Day, 2k5…

And yet another week begins, though this one should be a bit short for it’s ilk with yesterday being a holiday and all.

Jae and I went over to Jon and Jen’s new house yesterday for the prerequisite Memorial Day BBQ. Jon made some great burgers and hotdogs, we watched a few movies, and there were the occasional “remember back in the military” topics such as tear gas training and the story of their cat which was found overseas somewhere in the bed of a 5-ton.

“Uncle” Jae got to play with Dorian; Jon and Jen’s 4 year old, who we discovered can turn a single “cheeto” into about 15 minutes of boundless energy… I had no idea that 4 year olds could be such fantastic matter to energy converters. At any rate it was funny to watch Dorian and Jae tear the house apart.

I tried to keep the World of Warcraft discussions to a minimum while we were there. Jae and I play WoW quite a bit, being single and none to happy with the current state of civilization will do that. Jen got into WoW because most of the folks at work play it, but Jon has his cars to work on and such and isn’t too horribly interested. But WoW isn’t something you just “play a little”, it’s a good game, and Jen has been pulled in completely… So I had to strive to keep things on a topic Jon could be involved with too, because the three of us left to our own devices would have taken off on some rant about the Alliance or our latest adventure in some instance and left Jon to talk with Dorian… Which at 4 years old can be quite the interesting conversation let me tell you.

Anyways, we all had a pretty good time and their new house is really quite nice. It’s really a new house too, as the developer is still building houses around them and their back yard isn’t finished yet. Jon calls is his “desert ops” yard, as it’s pretty much a large square of dirt.

All in all it was a good weekend.

So, now I get to head back to Aurora and get to work. I’ll bid you all a pleasant day and sign off here.