Merry Christmas!

Just got back from a holiday get together at Wolf’s parent's place. Had a lot of fun, ate a lot of good food, and got a really cool African board game from Wolf’s oldest daughter, Antelope… All in all it was a pleasant few hours.

I had to repair one present to Wolf and Lyon that was damaged in shipping (a simple gear train adjustment) and configure one of Antelope’s presents which is a cool NIST time receiving wrist watch that Wolf’s dad gave her.

The funniest moment was when Wolf’s mom asked me if I’d like a slice of pie (Pecan pie, Mmmm!) and of course I said, “Yes, please.” … What I received was a four pound, three inch thick slice of pecan pie that bugged my eyes and caused me to make a distressed version of one of those Unicorn sounds that leak out of me every now and again. This set everyone rolling with laughter.

Seriously, that slice of pie was in danger of overloading the structural integrity of the paper plate it was sitting on.

I eventually came to terms with the slice of pie by agreeing to eat all the pecans and some crust as long as I got to leave most of the filling. We then parted ways, but it was really good… I can see where Wolf gets her culinary skills from.

My other Christmas present today was a Celtic tarot deck from Wolf, which is really neat. I don’t do much divination, but the deck is cool enough that I might give it a whirl a few times.

Right now the family is at round three of the holiday get-togethers only this time it’s with Lyon’s family. I’m here at the house fighting the idea of taking a nap and sleeping off lunch.