Met one of the 'neighbors'…

I haven't posted much, mostly because there hasn't been much noteworthy the last several weeks; wake up, go to work, go home, go to sleep — rinse and repeat as needed.

Deciding to squirrel away every last penny to perform the monumental insanity of buying a house in the next 8 or so years really curtails the adventures as well.

Anyway… I typically get to work between 6 and 6:30am, which is 2-ish hours before everyone else does, simply to get a chance to get some work done before I get interrupted every 5 minutes with whatever the current most important thing in the world is.

Well this morning I pull into my appointed parking spot, get out of the car, and am met by this very pleasant little old lady and her dog.

It turns out that she lives across the street at the upscale retirement community (starting at a mere $3300 a month) and her balcony faces our parking lot, so she sees me arrive every morning. And this morning she decided to stop by and say hi.

We chatted for about 15 minutes; she was curious about what I do, why I'm always the first car in the lot, where I'm from, etc., etc. She was super nice and clearly a bit lonely, and was just looking for someone to talk to I think.

For my part I got her to laugh and when we parted ways she had a smile. I promised to wave when I get to work in the morning, and told her I'd be happy to chat any morning that she was out and about.