Mid-Holiday update

Christmas has come and gone – and for the most part it was pretty nice this year. I had a friend over in direct opposition to the virus fearmongering going on, and I still managed to have a couple of decent dinners despite the economy, so I’m counting it as a win.

On the 24th I picked up the dinner I ordered back on the 2nd, which was pretty painless. The only concerning thing was the number of people milling about the local grocers complaining that the shelves were bare.

The lack of things on the shelves has become a common occurrence though; I still get my groceries delivered as to avoid the unwashed masses (and with gas at about $4 a gallon the $6 delivery fee doesn’t seem so bad), and it’s pretty routine that I only get about half of what I order because everything is out of stock. But I’ve learned to compensate.

Grocery prices continue to rise and I’m now averaging about $130 a week for food. There are things I can still cut back on though to bring that down though if I need to – like my desire for fresh salads and meat. Ditching the fresh stuff would put me just under a hundred a week.

I took the week off last week for vacation, and have been playing Elder Scrolls Online when I’m not hanging out in Second Life.

In Second Life I’ve decided to turn off the homestead I set up for myself; I rarely use it and the $109 a month it costs to run it is about a week’s worth of groceries these days. So I’ve moved into my roommate’s sim, Eponia, for now.

In Second Life there have been a lot of virtual parties to attend that have all been rather fun. Lots of people are using SL as a way to socialize now, and that’s really increased the number of people hanging about at the places I frequent.

So, while things kinda suck – I’m making due and keeping a pretty positive outlook on things. I expect 2022 will be even more of a challenge than 2021 though, so I’m still being optimistically cautious.