Mid-week update

The latest variant of plague started making the rounds here at work early last week, and by Thursday the other I.T. person here was out sick.

By Sunday I had fallen as well, and I was pretty much dead until last evening.

I'm doing much better today, but still would like to avoid the yearly bouts of flu… Being sick is simply no fun.

Other than that, I've been doing some writing…

For work I've been generating 'blog posts' for the web site to try and generate traffic. It's all boring long-headed stuff about how ARM will probably change the CPU landscape in 2019, or how the current 'fix it in a patch' software release mentality is ruining developers and publishers.

Personally I've been kicking around a series of adventures in my Caerth setting — which is the magipunk world of anthropomorphic people, magical technology, Victorian sensibilities, and unspeakable extra-planar horrors. I might get pieces of it running in Second Life for giggles, though the SL setting will be more of a “Jorkens Story” in that the in-world location will exist in parallel to all of the other SL RP locations.

My “rifts” that form such a central piece of my settings and allow for the import and export of characters are invaluable when working with a system like SL which offers limitless character possibilities… So, I might as well amplify that a bit and set up the sim as an RP hub of sorts.