Mid week update…

Here it is, Wednesday already.

Jae is known for his ability to eat things. I know this sounds odd, but it’s true. See, he has the metabolism of a hummingbird and even though he can, and will routinely, put away a burger the size of his head from “Fat Burger” over in Aurora, he’s still probably 130 pounds soaking wet.

Well, this weekend while Carl was out and about, Jae and I decided to try out a local dinner establishment at nearby “Aspen Grove”. Enter “Ted’s Montana Grill” where we had bison burgers and Jae, who ordered this beef and bread monstrosity, was nearly forced to admit defeat.

To his credit he did eat the whole thing, but there was a few minutes there where he told me it was over and Ted’s had won. He was even forced to use a fork to eat the thing as he just couldn’t fit it all in his mouth.

Oh, the food was really, really good.