More hospital adventures…

Well, another trip to the E.R. tonight for similar issues as the last trip, which were essentially all of the warning signs of a stroke again.

Similar results this time as well; blood pressure and heart rate were fine, blood work came back perfect, etc, though this time they injected me with iodine and ran me though the CT scanner to eyeball the blood flow in my noggin.

Everything is fine there too and they essentially have to guess at this point. They can see the neurological signs of what I’m going through, but they cannot find a physical root-cause.

The E.R. doctor has fast-tracked me with Kaiser, who *still* hasn’t gotten me a general physician and I’ll be seeing someone there tomorrow for an MRI…

At least I got my insurance cards though – Kaiser told our HR person at work today that they never received ZeZe’s information from a month ago and ZeZe should get cards in another few weeks. Too bad ZeZe’s blood pressure prescription is expired and the last of the medication was taken this morning – nice time to loose the paperwork.

The E.R. doctor has also prescribed me an anti-vertigo medication (which is stupidly expensive) as he thinks that on top of the pinched nerve in my upper back / neck that I might also be suffering from a neurological issue between my inner ear and my grey-matter which explains the dizzy spells I’ve been getting, especially when driving…

So this evening's official $5000 “scientific wild-ass guess” is that the elevated stresses in my job are causing neurological issues in my brain (I’m lousy at handling stress, and I’ve told folks as much) which are throwing off my balance and causing extra mechanical stress on my back and neck on top of the muscular issues of sitting at a keyboard the majority of my waking hours. Then as my back and neck start to hurt I start to loose sleep which feeds the stress and I eventually end up here – which is “right fucked”… Though the 15+ hour day I put in yesterday in the 85 degree server room probably didn’t help either.

No need to worry though, they say I’m not going to kick the proverbial bucket any time soon – I’m just going to be miserable, in pain, and not sleeping much till they figure this out.