More notes from the outback of humanity…

I've discovered that children have two modes: “asleep” and “loud as hell”. The bunch here are, like the last group, incapable of communication in anything less than full scream. The youngest, a girl, has another function which is to cut loose with this ear piercing scream any time she feels she's not getting her way.

I was also wrong on a few observations yesterday: The two people I assumed were friends were just random folks looking at the house so this group only has two panzer-esque SUVs, the third was unrelated. Also I got the family members mixed up: This mom-dad team are daughter and son-in-law, not the sister and brother-in-law I thought they were. It's also three children, not four… Not that you can tell the miscount from the volume. Oh well.

Beyond that, I'm still blocked in so there is no escape for me. I suppose I could go and have some confrontation over it, as everything is a confrontation with these types, but I'd rather just stay hidden in my room.

So far the most interesting thing I've discovered is that these folks only eat 100% organic foods and are borderline vegans, they spend a lot of time talking about how we are destroying the environment, how the media is a problem, and how the world is over populating… They do this while leaving every light in the house on 24/7, driving something that gets 8-mpg, using the TV as a babysitter, and having three kids.

Again; no matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up.

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