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More trick than treat…

In other news I've been pretty busy with work, again, so my writing has tapered off, again…

Jae and I have managed to see a few movies though. I liked “Brothers Grimm”, but then again I like most things Terry Gilliam has done. I also saw “Serenity”, which I also liked, but I also liked the series so that one was a shoe-in.

The little bits of spare time I've had have centered around the new world and rules set I've been developing, the play by email setting I've been working on to test it all, and the web site to hold all the pieces. I really need to find some hobbies that aren't all-consuming… Like TV or something. 😛

I'm currently reading the second book of the “Obsidian Trilogy” by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory, re-reading the “Watchers at the Well” trilogy by Jack Chalker (I managed to score all three books in one hardbound volume!) and have recently finished “First Warning” by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth A. Scarborough. The first is quite good, the second is part of a series of books that are among my favorites and the third was possibly the best so far of all the “Acorna” books… So there's my review for ya.

And with that I'm going to clean out the fireplace and get it ready for winter… It almost snowed here last night. Which is about damn time if you ask me! 🙂