Moving day

The movers are showing up today, so — in theory — tonight will be the first night at the new place.

I’ll have a couple more trips from the old house to the new one before it’s all truly done. One today to gather up all of the essentials I’ve used for a week; computer stuff, some clothes, bathroom stuff, etcetera. Then some spot cleaning over the weekend, and then once more to turn over the keys on the first.

There’s a few things I still need to buy for the new place as well, like a shower curtain and rod — which is probably important for tomorrow morning… I guess I need to try and sneak out of the office a little early today and take care of all of the little stuff that’s required before I can actually ‘live’ at the new place.

Normally I’d just take a day off to deal with it all, but one of the sales guys somehow rendered the webcam in his company laptop inoperable, and while he has a new M1 MacBook Air (because I have one), it’s his personal laptop and apparently he can’t do work on it. So, he’s dragging the company Lenovo in here today for me to fix, ASAP, because he’s got a video call with a client tomorrow.

Meanwhile I’m typing this at work, on my personal M1, that I use entirely for work, because I wanted something better than a $300 Lenovo.


Sales people are weird… 🙂