Moving Sucks…

Well I’ve officially started moving across town.

I hate moving… It’s a massive waste of effort translocating crap you don’t need from one containment facility to another.

So I tend to be what I call a “slash and burn” mover, which means that if it’s not essential to my current life, it’s disposed of.

This morning was mostly taking all of the boxes of accumulated crap I’ve built up over the last few years and running a purge-process on them: Nothing that I have not used in the last year made it into the car… There is a bit of sentimental stuff I tend to hang on to from move to move – all of my pen/ink originals, manuscripts, sheet music, and other proof that I really can be creative – but for the most part I was able to dispose of it all.

Ultimately I was able to move about 70% of my stuff today in a single trip – which is down from 100% in a single trip.

-I must be getting soft.

In addition I have furniture to move this time which is unheard of. I usually dispose of the cheap-o furniture I accumulate between moves and replace it at the new residence.

This time I went and bought nice enough stuff that I don’t want to replace it.

-Yeah, I’m getting soft.

The new place is very nice – though I don’t like how the paint came out…

I have the master bedroom because it’s furthest from the living room where Zeze will have a full entertainment system (60-something inch TV, AV gear, speakers, etc.)… I’m very much the ‘asleep for the movie, awake for the dawn’ type, and Zeze isn’t, so I need the distance for my sanity.

There are also Zeze’s friends who are over most weekends and who were born without ‘inside voices’… Currently my room is below the living room, and when I go to turn in at around 10pm I wind up staring at the ceiling for a few additional hours till they leave. See, they like to run a continual commentary on whatever is on the TV, and without inside voices this happens at about 102dB.

So that’s a double headache for me as ‘loud’ bugs me and I cannot stand it when people talk through the show, movie, whatever… Really, I’m happy that you were able to second-guess the plot of a TV show which was designed to be transparent to a ten year old, but keep it to yourself till after the show.

They’re nice folk; I just wish they came with a volume knob.

So, yeah, I’m at the far end of the townhouse.

The other small issue with the townhouse is parking… Like all apartment/townhouse complexes, parking is a premium as buildings generate money, not parking lots. So we have a one car garage right outside the door to the house and another parking spot located roughly 2 light-years from the house – which is about 14 light-years closer than the guest parking.

But that’s ok. My car, which will be getting a lot of work done on it this summer will probably live in the garage and ZeZe’s car will live under a really nice car cover.

The new place is about 3-4 blocks north of Iliff on Sable, across the street from a school.

For now though I need to go and do mundane things like laundry. Take care out there.