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Today I got to see the place my CFO is offering, and it’s really nice.

It’s probably twice the space I have now, with a really upscale layout and killer views that overlook Cherry Creek park and show off the mountains. The front door opens to a nature preserve with trees, streams, and critters, and walking paths and foot bridges that run throughout it. Oh, and a bigger garage, a gas range, and a full basement where I can put my extra ‘stuff’ and a treadmill for when the weather gets bad.

Overall, it’s a $450,000 place in a nice neighborhood with lots of amenities. And I pulled the trigger today and said I’d take it.

My bedroom will be on the west side of the house, on the second floor, and the windows all face the forest and mountains and those epic Colorado sunsets. It’s also two rooms on that end of the house, so I’ll have a room for my desk and computer stuff, and one right next door for when I pass out. Oh, and about a hundred square feet of closet space…

So, this meant this evening I had to give the current place their 60-day notice that I’m not renewing, which I did – and that’s always a bit like leaping into the abyss. I trust that things will work out, but there’s always that slim chance things will go pear-shaped and I’ll need to hustle to compensate and put a roof back over my head in a hurry.

Not that I can’t just pay whatever extortion is required to get a 2-3 bedroom apartment at the drop of a hat, it’s more the rushed moving and whatnot.

Anyway, now it’s just a matter of waiting a month to move again.

Luckily my CFO doesn’t ask me for deposits or anything, and I’ll be surprised if there’s even a lease… I’ve rented from him a few times over the last 16 years, so he knows I’m good for the payments and that I won’t tear the place up. And he knows how long I’ve worked where I work, how much I make, and how instrumental I am to keeping the doors open. 🙂

Ultimately it will work out to a hundred less than my current townhouse per month, but the utilities will more than likely eat up that savings. So cost-wise it’s a wash, but space, location, and amenity-wise it’s a nice step in the right direction.

And, if after a few years I decide I really like it I can buy it from him. And I’m sure I’ll get a square deal if I do that.

So, we’ll see how it goes.

The view from the front door.