Music, non stop…

Well, it all started last night while I was attempting to show Scales some of the finer points of music theory (and showing off my Mac) and I put together a quick little techno beat pattern as an example… Scales is quite enamored with techno and dance music.

Well tonight I finally had a chance to play around with the Hammond organ I have access too, my pet sequencer, and the very pricey but worth every penny Pro Tools package.

I started out with the idea that it would be fun to integrate an instrument *never* heard in techno or dance music into a piece of said same… So with that in mind I spent the evening composing “Hammond Cheese”.

The Hammond organ is an amazingly mechanical device and when operating it reminds one of a steam locomotive, which is where the “mechenwerken” parts of the piece draw their inspiration from. The lighthearted aspects, and frenetic measure of the organ itself are inspired by Scales himself.

So, without further adieu, I present “Hammond Cheese“.

William MillerHammond Cheese