My plan to escape…

Ok, I'm having the rear axle bearings replaced on the Honda in preparation for what is being billed as “Geek-Trek 2004” later this month: My drive back to Colorado.

See, I have what is probably the second coolest laptop on Earth now that Apple released the 1.5Ghz Powerbooks today, and it has really cool 802.11G wifi built in. I also have a nice digital camera which interfaces to the laptop very easily. What does this mean to you, the innocent reader? Well, I'll be journalling, posting photos, making voice commentary and posting my GPS position on a neat map during this trip.

This will also be a very Zen Road Trip as I plan to take my time and explore a bit of America in the 1500 miles between here and there. No hurry, no worry… I'll probably take a lot of older, pre-Eisenhower routes to get from here to there as well simply because you can't really see “America” from the 12 lanes of I-70.

I'm sure I'll encounter lots of neat stuff!

So, in around two weeks, be sure to check out “Geek-Trek 2004”.

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