Nature abhors a vacuum…

The refurbished Dyson DC07 I ordered from Dyson a week or so ago arrived here via FedAxe this evening and, thankfully, even though the box was mangled beyond belief the vacuum was just fine.

Dyson's engineering obviously extends to their packaging too.

Anyways, in preparation for receiving the “alpha-geek” of vacuums I went over my apartment once with my trusty old 'Dirt Devil' just to see what the Dyson would pick up…

Dirt Devil shouldn't be allowed to call their machines vacuums when compared to the Dyson… I had to empty the Dyson twice by the time I was done.

Overall the Dyson is what I will refer to as a “ManVac” – it has enough power to pull the carpet off the floor, is styled akin to a fancy Italian supercar, and has enough gadgets and gizmos to play with to make any man happy.

The ManVac has so much power that it's also very good at making “vacuum tracks” – those things your wife/girlfriend/mother insists on seeing in perfect parallel lines when you finish with the floors.

Overall, based on first impressions, I'd suggest the Dyson to anyone looking to replace an aging system. The factory refurb looks and acts brand new and was less than half the cost of a brand new unit.