New Car

After a month, my new car is finally in my possession…

My first view of what I’d bought, fresh from the delivery truck

A closer view

This is a 2021 Nissan Kicks SR Premium in “Boulder Gray”, and the first car I’ve ever custom ordered and had built.

I picked it up with 11 miles on it; ten from the factory and another mile from the loading, unloading, and moving around the dealership.

This is the top trim, with all of the fancy electronics and most of the bells and whistles… I had the roof painted the body color because they come black and a black roof in the summer sucks. I also elected to not get the upgrade black powder coat wheels ($600) because I’ll just buy better ones eventually and these will be the winter rims. And I deleted all of the RGB lighting because I’m an adult and it’s another $500.

All in all it’s essentially the interior out of a $70,000 sedan shoehorned into a $30,000 econobox.

The audio is really impressive and it has all of the creature comforts I like in car that isn’t a racecar; leather, heated stuff, power stuff, nice ride quality, and really quiet on the road.

What isn’t impressive is the performance – this thing is a solid 10 seconds 0-60. But the tradeoff for that is 33mpg in town. With gas at $4+ per gallon now, that adds up.

I’ve driven across Denver on 470, and then across Aurora on surface streets, and it does pretty good.

I’m pretty happy with it.