New Keyboard

For the last five or six years I’ve been using an Azio “MK HUE” keyboard, which worked fine up to the point it didn’t; some sort of internal fault caused half of the keys to stop working.

Luckily this happened after I’d acquired an Azio “Retro Classic” keyboard from my roommate; he’d acquired it years ago but didn’t use it much because he wore off the keycaps and isn’t a touch-typer. He’s since moved to using the default Apple wireless keyboard, which makes me wince, but to each their own I guess. 🙂

Anyway, I found it during my final walk-through of the old duplex where he’d left it behind, so I picked it up, decided to clean it up, and buy a new set of key caps for it.

So after spending $60 on a new set of keycaps and having my regular keyboard die, I started using the “Retro Classic”… Unfortunately while it looks neat, it sucks as a keyboard.

So, last weekend I picked up a new Logitech G815 keyboard, and it seems to be pretty nice.

It’s a little cramped for my huge hands, but it types well and I’m almost settled in on it… I really like the big volume ‘knob’ on the upper-right of the keyboard though, that’s the killer feature for this model in my humble opinion.

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