New Phone

Back in August of 2019 I picked up my current iPhone, the “XS Max”, and it’s been a pretty faithful work horse ever since… It gets several hours of use every day; everything from playing Pokemon GO to repairing server issues and fixing user logins while on the road.

And while I’d planned to get rid of it in favor of a ‘dumb’ phone about a year ago, it was just too important for work and I ultimately wasn’t successful in phasing it out.

But a year and a half in phone-years is a pretty long time I guess, and the battery in my XS Max is getting weak; it wont last the entire day now… So I’ve been thinking it’s time to put it out to pasture. Not that I want to spend a thousand dollars on another phone, but it is what it is I guess.

And with that my new iPhone 12 Pro Max arrived today.

It’s the cheap one; 128Gigs and in ‘graphite’ – because everything Apple makes that’s “pro” should come in a dark grey color, and it has the bigger screen because I’m old and tiny text is a pain in the butt. I also got a cheap case, the 20 watt wall-wart and the inductive charger for it because Apple is giving me $350 in trade for the XS Max.

Moving from the XS Max to the 12 Pro Max was fairly painless – save for that part where iCloud and the App Store went down for an hour right in the middle of set up… But iOS recovered gracefully and continued once things returned to normal.

So far I’ve only noticed a slight bump in performance in that the screen response is better in pretty much everything. I’ve also noticed the cameras are marginally better and I’m looking forward to taking some pictures with it over the next few days.

So, now I’m waiting for the trade-in box to arrive so my old XS Max can get a new battery and go to a new home.

Such is the circle of tech-life.