New Robot

Yesterday I replaced the five-year-old Neato “BotVac Connected” with a top-of-the-line Neato “D8”, and so far it seems to be worth the money.

See, while I have a refurbished Dyson DC07 “Animal” that I’ve been using sing 2008, I’m allergic to cleaning up after other people – and my roommate is one of those people who can turn one saltine cracker into a 300 square foot disaster. So, enter RoboVac…

With the press of a button a machine will go around and clean up after my roommate? Where do I sign?

Anyway, someone I know in SL was one of the engineers who worked on the first Neato robot vacuums, and because of this association one was purchased five years ago to maintain the floors at the condo I had over in DTC.

It did a great job – but in keeping up it probably covered a million miles in five years and was starting to get a little senile… It would routinely turn in circles in a corner, or stop in the middle of a room when it forgot where it was.

I actually felt bad for RoboVac; it didn’t have a very easy life and yet performed its duty without complaint for years. So I wanted to retire it before it stopped completely and I had to burry the thing, but a replacement was like $600.

I was over at Bed Bath and BEYOND! (emphasis mine) to get a cheese slicer, and they were having a 4th of July sale… Long story short, I returned home with my $8 cheese slicer – and a $400 robot which was unboxed and put into service in short order.

The ground floor of the house as seen by the D8

It’s interesting that the lidar on the D8 is of such resolution that it can see the gaps between appliances and walls… Just above the island in the kitchen (in the center of the above image), you can see the gap between the fridge and the wall. To the right is the range which the lidar was seeing around, and to the left are the legs for the kitchen table and chairs.

My office is at the bottom of the above image, above the office is the guest bathroom and the hallway to the garage is on the right side. The living room / roommate cave is at the top along with the main entry and the landing for the stairs to the upper floor are on the right.