New World

A new MMO released yesterday; New World. And I spent a few hours yesterday playing it – once I could get logged in anyway.

The above is just one of the servers, of which there were about 20 on the west coast alone. Amazon added more servers after this – they probably have a few spares laying around – and that reduced the lines to a couple hundred per server.

As mentioned above, this one is made by Amazon so there is essentially unlimited money put into it, and so far it’s been pretty good.

The setting is a curious take on the 16th century, during the find and conquer phase a lot of countries were going through. So the location for the game is a fantastical island discovered by someone and now being explored by soldiers of fortune, secret societies, and the church.

The ‘classless’ character system in use is pretty neat in that your skills advance and are based on what you are holding, so plate wearing mages and whatnot are possible. You can also change your ‘role’ by simply switching gear… Want to heal, put on your healing stuff.

The crafting system is pretty good too, and has a lot of depth.

Graphically it looks pretty good, though the character animations are a bit stiff. The towns so far are really cool and ‘feel’ appropriate to the setting. And the three factions are interesting and appropriate to the setting.

Some game loops I’ve not encountered yet are the PvP, the city-building, and the faction mini-game. I’ve only made it to level 10, which is about where you get to choose your faction, so I’ve not seen anything past that.

Right now things are a bit convoluted if you want to find specific people on the servers, but I’m “Raeshlavik Edain” on the “Theta” server group on the west server center. There are sets of servers in various groups, and people can move around within that server group. So the “Theta” group has about a dozen different servers in it, and hopefully once the rush abates people can group up.

All in all I’m looking forward to playing some more as soon as I get some time… Launching a game in the middle of the work week isn’t optimal for us working class stiffs.