New Year, New Update…

  Welcome to a new year, and a new update to the journal.

  Going forward I will attempt to be a bit more attentive to this decade+ running log of my life…

  Things these days tend to happen in such rapid-fire succession and with such amazing complexity, that I do not stop to write about events as all of my efforts are consumed by resolving said events.

  But, maybe I can work in ye olde journal a bit more – so onward with this update.

  Firstly my efforts in Second Life are back on again as of November.

  For a month or two before this I had started up a region for Avarin – the homeland of my chief villain Ruina and her second in command Metus. But Avarin is very much a dark and dangerous place, and was not a huge hit with the players. They all seem to like dark and dangerous as something to contend with over living there. 🙂

  So I decided to bring back Roanoak…

  When last we saw our heroes, the Changelings had sacked the city of Morning Light and Castle Morgan. A year after these events I re-created the city and the castle in all of their bug-infested, slime-covered glory and the players engaged the Enemy and re-took their homeland.


  The players then rebuilt their city and life is getting back to normal in good old Roanoak.


  Morgan Castle was severely damaged in the event and is currently being repaired, and is not currently a setting people can visit.

  If you want the details on what is transpiring within my little world of candy-colored equines, go here:

  With all of this Second Life stuff going on, which requires me to do a lot of 3D models, textures, and other graphically intensive stuff, I decided it was high time for me to get a new computer.

  So my Christmas present to myself was the fully custom gaming PC that I mentioned last post…

  It's a mind-meltingly fast computer…

  This also meant that I needed to stop enjoying the good life in OSX and move to Windows 8… I really do not like Windows these days – Microsoft is trying too hard to do too many things at the OS level, and is not doing any of them well.

  But if I want a supercomputer on my desk and be able to run things like Photoshop, Z-Brush, and Word as well – Windows it is.

  So that has been taking up precious time too.

  The novel I am writing is progressing at a fair pace once again now that I have the computer thing settled. Being as this is just something I am doing for fun, it often takes a back seat to everything else, but it is always simmering away on the stove of my creative endeavors.