Not dead yet…

I’m still on my tour of guest rooms and couches of friends of mine due to the evil “renters”; spent last night on Aryntha and Rai’s couch.

Fortunately it is a grand and comfy couch! 😉

As always I was instantly the best buddy of both of the cats, especially Mina who spent the night sleeping on my butt and is right now curled up next to me purring away.

So far this has been a less than pleasant week. The night before last, when I was at Tina and Rick’s place, Tina was exceptionally drunk and was hugging all over me all night… Tina gets very “love-y” when she’s drunk. This unfortunately pissed off Rick and they got into a fight that night… This of course prompted me to head out before sunrise that morning and catch myself another nap at the shop.

Maybe I’ll just buy myself a cot and keep it there at the shop…

So, since the renters came the only decent sleep I’ve gotten was last night, and I had to drive two hours for that.

Fortunately for me I’ve got some really cool friends. 🙂

Today we will be heading north of Denver for some more fone-phun. I have to stop by the accountant’s place on the way out and drop off a big pile of paperwork, then tomorrow I have to swing by Lyon and Wolf’s place to install their new router, configure Wolf’s computer to access the Sony camera I gave them, and fill out some form for the car… Then I head back up the mountain just in time for Larry to return wherein my days will get several hours longer due to some project he’s got brewing.

I need a vacation. 😉